Want to be healthier but don’t know what to do?

Find it hard to get healthier on your own?

Feel like the medical paths are failing you?

Want to align with God’s plan for your body?



 I work with people who:

may or may not have an autoimmune disorder

want to lose weight and get fit

may or may not have food allergies

want to live the abundant life & thrive

want to prevent disease

and just want to be the healthiest version of themselves

At Created to be Well, we believe that God created your body to be self-healing and intended you to be well, not sick. Our goal is to come alongside you as you strive to align your body with God’s will so that you can be more effective in every area of life.

What is a health coach?

A health coach is an instructor or trainer for physical wellness. We provide education, support, mentorship, and motivation to reach your health goals. Just like a sports coach helps the athlete reach his/her goals and be the best that they can be, a health coach does the same thing. Why feel tired, achy, and miserable for one more year? Make this year count. Align with God’s plan for your body. With a health coach by your side, you can reach your goals!